Sustainable Print Design that Sells – 5 of the Best

Sustainability should not have to be sold to clients or customers, given the level of public awareness around environmental issues – but still, its’ benefits should be explained and on-sold to clients and customers as part of every print project.

Sustainability as a practice starts with the concepting and design of the product, and is further enhanced by the printing process: they work together. Environmentally friendly or sustainable print materials are selected by production and timing constraints, cost and availability factors, and design considerations also.

According to Candace Hodder, Director of Clean Agency, a research-based sustainability consulting firm, a sustainable package represents a “fully optimised use of environmental resources through its entire life cycle.”

That lifecycle includes raw materials, the process of production into print, plastic or other substrate, construction and fulfilment, distribution and the end of the product’s life. The energy or footprint is also key to sustainable design values. Your print manager or designer should be able to justify each decision made in a packaging project relating sustainability.

Costs are higher sometimes for sustainable products/elements but if you have a choice in selling it to your clients, of course you are going to do it.

Some target groups are not attracted to the uncoated, recycled aesthetic in design that is associated with sustainable principles, but below are our top 5 best examples of sustainable products that may just change your/your client’s mind and in turn, the eventual design.

1. Wood

The package design for Wood uses real wood to evoke nature. Usually perfume packaging favors clean, cultured glass but in this case, wood could be a unique differentiator of the product and brand promise and end up being cheaper to produce.


2. 360 Paper Bottle

The 360 Paper Bottle is the first truly sustainable alternative to plastic bottles for beverages. Its’ shape is reminiscent of plastic bottles to convey a sense of sturdiness and is made from 100% recycled materials. It has a functional package and opening, and might work with water as well as other drinks!


3. Grass™

This plantable packaging concept is attractive and optimised for disposal after supply to the customer: simply plant and it breaks down to nourish the seeds inside.


4. Puma reusable shoe bag

Consideration of customer needs post-purchase is used here to extend the experience of buying these Puma trainers into storing the shoes in a stylish way after use.


5. Goal Zero POP packaging

This attractive electronics packaging uses 100% recycled plastic waste generated by a thermoforming process, and recycled paperboard also.


Hard to tell the difference between virgin boards and recycled, isnt it?

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help printing sustainable packaging, please consider printing it with Coleface – contact us now.

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