Printed Direct Mail has a stronger effect on consumer purchase power than Digital advertising

And we can see why, when direct mail involves all the senses, especially touch.

InkonDaPaper, one of our favourites, reported that an in-depth neuroscientific study by Temple University found direct mail ads to be more effective to those viewed online in nearly all categories tested. Sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General’s office (OIG), findings were that Digital ads were quicker to seize attention of consumers, but physical ads held the viewer’s attention longer, gained a stronger emotional reaction and were more directly responsible in forming purchase decisions.
Temple showed a mix of 40 email ads and postcards to laboratory study subjects, using three monitoring methods to gauge the effects the ads had on them. Eye tracking measured visual attention; fingertip sensors monitored heart rate, respiration, and sweating to reveal emotional engagement; and MRIs performed scans to uncover deep brain activity.

Below are the attributes measured:

Direct mail rules nearly all categories tested in a recent Temple University study on direct mail

Direct mail rules nearly all categories tested in a recent Temple University study on direct mail









So what are you waiting for? Below are some fantastic examples of Direct mail that we have sourced from Pinterest users to inspire you in your next direct mail campaign:

Direct Mail examples

Laura Winslow photography from Pinterest

RN Gold Foil

RN DM – delicious!

Like a kid's game with beautiful paper

Like a kid’s game with beautiful paper

Bottega Venetta

Bottega Venetta invitation








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