Point of Sale – Coleface and Uniden getting a closer customer experience with acrylic and acetate displays

The undeniable power of a simulated customer experience is what Uniden offers in their new range of point of sale acrylic and acetate displays, going into Dick Smith outlets this week.

Much of the time this critical part of product promotion and advertising is left to be displayed poorly in-store, but the bar on has just been lifted on-shelf with Coleface-Uniden’s collab on new mobile display stands. They are made from acetate bases, mounted with clear acrylic at the top to lighten the feel of the stand, and complemented with silver foil Uniden logos. Perfect if you ask us!

Some displays have televisual ads inserted into the top of the stand for that added extra moment to experience the brand. With either options the immersive Uniden experience is present, front of shelf and ready to engage the customer. Coleface can help with the development and production of key merchandise like the Uniden POS display stands, and with years of production experience, are happy to guide or manage the print production for POS such as these.

So if you are a retail business or creative agency and need help planning your next POS campaign, please consider Coleface – we help with the print part but we would also love to offer advice if you need advice on how to make it!

Image source: ©2015 Coleface


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 @cole_coleface1 is Coleface Print Management and Production, Sydney print management experts providing advice and support for our clients on all aspects of printing and production such as digital, large format and offset printing, point of sale, packaging and mail management. Written by @Olsonwells.

John getting technical with POS acrylics and acetates

John getting technical with POS acrylics and acetates