Paper Production – adding recyclable and renewable value to marketing messages

At Coleface we like to know the facts about paper production, and know how this powerful tool can add recyclable and renewable value to your marketing messages.

Print Management over the years has shown Coleface and our clients that paper production, when sourced responsibly, can be a sustainable, powerful and most importantly, unique way of communicating company values and messages.

Two Sides U.S. ‘eco-graphic’ below is an excellent snapshot of how paper production in the US is a recyclable and renewable resource that can be used as responsibly as digital resources. Fact No. 10 is compelling: “87% of Americans polled say the main reason companies want to shift customers to electronic delivery is to save money, not to be environmentally responsible.”

We all run businesses, and each has processes to save money, so it is totally understandable to consider factors like this in marketing. But what price for creativity, creating jobs, and sustainable values as a brand value that connects more people to your business? Paper production is part of a larger chain and one that can be used and reused, unlike the electricity taken to produce and promote email marketing.

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help planning your next newsletter, please consider printing it. Coleface can definately help with the print part but we would also love to read it!


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 @cole_coleface1 is Coleface Print Management and Production, Sydney print management experts providing advice and support for our clients on all aspects of printing and production such as digital, large format and offset printing, point of sale, packaging and mail management. Written by @Olsonwells.


Coleface Print knows how paper production can improve your marketing messages and brand values