Membership Packs – a marketing value-add to your brand or business.

Membership Packs can be a good marketing idea for value-add to your brand or business.

It is also the perfect item to provide documents that both inform (about your services) and invite (new members or current audiences who didn’t know about your current services).

Packs frequently include merchandise such as keys or USBs. They can also provide identification information including name tags, cards or letters.

Print Management over the years has shown Coleface and our clients that quality production can be a powerful reinforcement and expression of company values and messages.

At Coleface we organise not only the print management of Membership Packs, but also the sourcing of any paper elements, design and artwork that go into the pack – the quality of design and print production can add quality value to your membership packs and marketing messages.

At key milestones in your customers’ journey with your business, it is strategic to also include promotional flyers, fee schedules, extra service/event flyers and expression of interest forms (to share skills with your Association).

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help planning your next mailout, please consider printing it. Coleface can definately help with the print part but we would also love to read it!

Image source: Creative Review – D&AD Membership


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 @cole_coleface1 is Coleface Print Management and Production, Sydney print management experts providing advice and support for our clients on all aspects of printing and production such as digital, large format and offset printing, point of sale, packaging and mail management. Written by @Olsonwells.

Sassy yellow membership pack

Sassy yellow membership pack