Luxury design that solves production problems and adds premium elements to brand image


Luxury packaging works because they are well-designed and produced, but to also add cache to the brand, the premium element requires thinking around the target consumer and their desires.

Many premium products require packaging that can be displayed or kept, so there is a real practicality also involved in solving how to hold and display a product. For those of you who really appreciate a well-thought through, slimline, sophisticated packaging solution that whispers ‘luxury’: check these items out that we bring you via Coleface:

The Serial Ring Giver – you will never lose that 2-carat diamond ring again with this slimline ring box design that can be discreetly hidden into a wallet or back pocket without a high profile. Designed by Canadian Andrew Zo, this 1cm thick product was launched under the name ‘Clifton’ in 2014. It has a twist-bloom opening effect as seen in the gif link, which really heightens the moment. So what are you waiting for, Lovers?

oak wine bottle

The Classy Wine packaging consumer – designed by Grantipo and La Dispensa, this wine packaging solution is an excellent prototype that focusses on luxury and sustainability of the lifecycle to promote the luxury product of wine. Great idea!

They say: “this is an ongoing collaboration project between Grantipo and La Despensa. The idea is to create a bottle made with the same wood of cask used to keep the wine, so we wont break the cycle of fermentation such as when using other materials. Thus keeping the wine in the same habitat from the beginning to the end of the process. We know that fermentation in a confined space is different from a barrel and we are studying its behavior with winemakers.”

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help planning your next packaging project, please consider us: Coleface has the experience to ensure your packaging looks premium and unique!

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