How to specify printing colour

Specifying print colour for offset or any other printing method is a never-ending bugbear for printers and clients alike.

@Coleface, we feel it is a great area of print knowledge to explore whether you are a designer, client buying print, printer or prepress operator!

We enjoyed reading this excellent article by Vladimir Hristovski on #printmanagement which specifies print colour for #offsetprint – it is clear, deals with RGB vs CMYK vs Pantone colour as well as the never-talked-about screen comparison for colour.
It is so difficult to view printer-proof accurate colour on a screen, let alone a laptop or mobile, but that’s the way the industry is trending at the moment, so we suggest to know your software and printing methods so that you are informed, whatever stage of the process you work in.
Either that or call us to handle your print – we do press checks and have reams of experience with this field of print management.

Image source: Confessions of a Designer posters, Found on Pinterest


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 @cole_coleface1 is Coleface Print Management and Production, Sydney print management experts providing advice and support for our clients on all aspects of printing and production such as digital, large format and offset printing, point of sale, packaging and mail management. Written by @Olsonwells.