Five Key Factors to Give Your Point of Sale Packaging & Display the WOW Factor

It is a well-known fact that customers decide whether or not to purchase your product based on its packaging at the Point of Sale (POS).

For this reason it is incredibly important to understand key factors in design and production to enhance your product or service packaging design and appeal on the shelf.

Here are five key factors to give your Point of Sale Packaging & Display the Why, Where, When, How and What experience – which makes your customer say WOW!

Why – Competitive Advantage

Having an attractive, practical and unique POS (also described as the Point of Purchase (POP)) design sells product benefits to customers from the very competitive shelf real estate where brand meets customer. Brand, product or service attributes are all present in Point of Sale (POS) packaging, making the marketing mix physical and tangible for your customers.

The Airwick standalone POP display below actually looks like it smells: fresh, green and very reminiscent of the brand with key logo at top and product range down the side of the display. Products are easily accessible from the front and this display really does make a competitive point of difference in what it is promising customers!


Best Creative POP Displays – Coroflot and Corrugate – found on Ravenshoe Packaging via Pinterest

Where – shelf visibility and shopability

This display serves as a reminder at the cash register or in the shop window, and is easily plucked out of the display’s ‘claws’. With reminders such as these for forgetful customers it is no wonder that monster is such a winner at the corner store and supermarket!

Monster Energy Assault Ads & POP Display by JoAnn Arello on Behance

When – POP displays for the long-term or short-term?

Because packaging can be expensive to develop for short-term reasons or small volumes, the intention for most is to make it last. The psychology of the customer relationship supports pack shapes, because customers become familiar with the pack attributes and where it sits on the shelf over multiple shopping visits to where the product is sold. the V & A Museum display serves a dual function of information and product display – very smart and evocative of the brand also.

VandA POP display

VandA POP display via Pinterest

How – Making the packaging seamless

Packaging solutions dont always profile the product as sexy and seamless, which is why your packaging/POS/POP designer needs to communicate clearly with their printer. Or in this case, the designer and printer were the same: the Sydney Uniden mobile display below required 4 units to fit into one display, but because the shapes of the phones were all different, when it was die cut the holes where the products sat were plainly visible through to what the shelf display was sitting on.

John Cole of Coleface Print Management worked with Uniden to devise a material ‘skirt’ which attached onto the back of the unit with velcro: the material had to match the plastic of the actual unit, and as there were only twenty units made for stores across New South Wales, the solution had to be cost-effective. Innovative thinking solved the print problem!

The final unit (without devices) is shown here with printed adhesive messaging across the top of the display – it really stands out, can you imagine how it would look on shelf?

Coleface-produced Uniden POS Displays

Coleface-produced Uniden POS Displays

The photograph below shows the unit without any print or adhesive surface – so the background behind the display is not visible due to the skirting, which makes the eye focus directly on the product.


Uniden plain plastic packaging mould

Uniden plain plastic packaging mould

What – show product benefits

This Nabi headphone packaging set won a Pentaward Silver in 2013 and rightly so, as it uses a restrained colour palette to focus on the real star of the show: the red headphones. As an ilustration it is quite clever because it demonstrates how to wear the headphones also.



Our favourite POS/POP display unit is the Stars Wars one below. It features all the key factors above and for those of you who collect out there, it is well-known that this type of retail packaging, if kept in top condition, actually becomes highly collectable. So keep your eyes peeled for any collectables from the new Star Wars movie out now!


R2D2 Star Wars POS

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help printing your point of sale packaging, please consider printing it with Coleface – contact us now.


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