Find out why these five Annual Reports are best in their class

Annual reports have many other purposes than to convey company financials.

They tell stories (some factual, some narrative) and all aim to portray the companies they represent in the most positive perspective. This is achieved through expert print management involved at the start of the process, when the concepts are developed, aims are set, budgets are decided. An annual report is one of the key tools that connect your company culture to its’ people: starting by documenting financial and business objectives, then through brand and marketing, performance of actual service or product delivery, and finally to customers and employees. Here are five of the best creatively strategic annual reports, presented by us because we appreciate the design and print standards in each:

Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam – 2011 Annual Report colab by three design studios

This annual report features the efforts of three design studios (Da Costa Design, Via Veneman and Studio Pino) for an Amsterdam academy. Using a simple and effective restricted colour palette, pages feature instructional design diagrams and bold type quotes (shown) to launch a new identity. The annual report was part of a suite of collateral designed in the new look and feel, including stationery, promo movies, flyers and posters. #verycool


Gutenberg Printers – 2010 Annual Report

The sustainability focus of the design for this Gutenberg-Werbering Gmbh annual report is palpable (not pulpable but probably is also). Its’ identity depicts understated ‘sustainable’ design and production values without all the usual green cliches, usuch as sophisticated red ink perfect binding with red ink for impact, together with spot UV varnishes on selected pages and uncoated paper stock. And then there is the design. Not usually a must-have reading selection for many, this annual report comes with a poster to stick onto the wall once unfolded – like the story of the company’s year performance, the process is interactive. Very ’sticky’ and attractive design.

Gutenberg Printers - 2010 Annual ReportGutenberg Printers - 2010 Annual Report1

Seguros Pelayo – 2012 Annual Report

This 2012 printed annual report showcases the design achievements of the company through an impressive series of pop-up characters, fold-outs, multi-colour layouts and then hand-folded finishing. A creative’s dream project, it really makes you think about what the company does. An add-on trend which promotes the annual report with shareholders is the making of a video, which also tells the story – watch it here.

Seguros Pelayo 2012 Annual Report

Pirelli – Street Art Annual Report 2014

The #TakePArt video interprets the lead-up to the Pirelli brand’s annual report by filming Italian, Swedish and other European street artists re-interpreting a tyre in graffiti art. Graffiti artist Dome writes “innovation requires passion” in a mural, and as part of the lead-up to the release of the company annual report, the link to corporate financial performance is tenuous to say the least. But it doesn’t matter. The art is beautiful, the sentiment is there and most importantly, innovation is taking place as a merger between street and corporate needs – good idea! Watch the artistic process in action here here.


Caritas Kontaktladen – Annual Report

Caritas Kontaktladen annual report uses an identity that focuses on the interplay and importance of the drug assistance services provided by the company. The powerful relationship of visuals and text emphasises the commitment required to undertakes visits, risks and survival associated with the service.

10c-annual-report-design Caritas Kontaktladen - Annual Report Caritas Kontaktladen - Annual Report

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