Coleface floor decals for practical promotion in large sports venues

Allianz Stadium floor decal printed and installed by Coleface Print

Allianz Stadium floor decal printed and installed by Coleface Print

Allianz Stadium required floor decals to promote their ‘Sidestep the Queue’ App: we went to the Coleface (with pleasure as we love our footie!) for them and printed these large 4 metre banners and then installed them on-site.

The Stadium app allows stadium patrons to pre-order their pies and drinks (or whatever else is on the menu) via the app and ‘sidestep the queue’. The banners were installed at the purchase point throughout food and beverage locations in the stadium.

Large format printing for floors can be decorative, promotional or used for directional wayfinding. Whatever the purpose, they have to be durable and be able to handle LOTS of people walking on them.

They work really well to connect traffic moving through a confined or unavoidable zone – there is research that shows the brand awareness of viewers who are regularly walking through a space is higher than those who just see random impressions without reinforcement: which as we all know is the first step to persuasion!

Advertising at the point where your audience is making decisions about purchase is a very competitive environment. Think supermarkets, shelves at retail stores and similar.

No wonder some companies have taken to advertising in the sky!

Calls to action and website information are also able to be displayed on durable floor decals alongside product information. Print management over the years has shown Coleface and our clients that quality production can be a powerful reinforcement and expression of company values and messages.

At Coleface we organise not only the print management of floor decals, outdoor media and other appropriate signage, so the quality of design and print production can add quality value to your promotional material and marketing messages. In this instance we collaborated with the design studio @Pixeloco, who did an excellent job on the graphics and creative design.

The two floor decals shown in this blog were colour critical also – which means that the key corporate colours for the campaign or the client had to reproduce in the same way AND match their expectations on visual identity. This is usually achieved through use of Pantone colour matching systems, but does have an element of difficulty when using larget format digital printing processes to match to traditionally controllable offset colour chips like Pantone specified colour!

Coleface also manages the installation process, which is just as important as the quality of printing – and much more critical to get right the first time, as finishing elements like adhesive (for floors), eyelets (for hanging) and other substrate finishing can be very expensive to reprint and mount or install.

As these types of promotional material are usually time-critical, there are also limited times for installation in the large public spaces where events like the Allianz promotion at ANZ Stadium was held. So a professional and experienced level of service is required to print manage the whole process on time and on budget, which Coleface can do happily for you.

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help planning your next outdoor campaign or event, please consider printing it with Coleface – we can install it for you too!

Allianz Stadium floor decal printed and installed by Coleface Print

Allianz Stadium floor decal printed and installed by Coleface Print

Images source: Coleface


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 @cole_coleface1 is Coleface Print Management and Production, Sydney print management experts providing advice and support for our clients on all aspects of printing and production such as digital, large format and offset printing, point of sale, packaging and mail management. Written by @Olsonwells.