Balancing your news and information diet through print

Millennials-NewspapersAre you a Millennial? Are you misjudged on the basis of your age as to your readership and preferences for print versus digital news and information?

If you thought “YES!” then you are not one of the digitally-obsessed, under-30, stereotyped audience who most marketers assume do not use print at all.

Most do get their news digitally – we are not going to convince you otherwise, but some ten percent of millennials rely on print for this type of information flow. The infographic at left, courtesy of NAA, explains that your reader habits may in fact lend themselves to reading the odd newspaper (printed) while you wait for your morning coffee; in the course of one week some 56 per cent of 18-34s read a newspaper, with over 50% believing it to be “trustworthy”.

Direct selling methods in the body of a newspaper are effective also, with 68% of 18-24s reacting to printed coupons, two-step selling like website call-outs in the paper, etc – and 75% of 25-34 year-olds react in the same way. Connecting with news media is an important social activity and print, part of the information revolution for oh, around 600 years now, is not disappearing fast!

Pew print like experience

Pew print like experience

According to a Pew research survey, it all comes down to wanting that ‘traditional’ look, which makes news more ‘real’. 60% of under-40s and 57% of those 40 and over still want a ‘print-like’ experience on tablets – many digital designers still have to create the experience for readers turning pages, memory of words and sentences experienced as a book and even the smell of paper!

This is great news for small businesses who want to advertise in direct marketing ads in newspapers; for publisher-printers who bundle together client marketing in magazines; designers who know their grids, type and elements to look more ‘print’; and ultimately the marketing campaign, which is rarely not integrated with multiple forms of communication such as point of sale, packaging or digital print.

So if you are a small business, creative agency or Association and need help planning your next print or integrated campaign, please consider printing it with Coleface.

Image source: Infographic, Pew research


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